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Made for Pearl

Made for Pearl

An iconic rock ‘n’ roll figure, Janis Joplin found freedom in performing. She gained a following for her gritty, blues-style voice that shook listeners to their core. Her exhilarating performances were heavy with emotion. Janis channeled her wild, unfiltered spirit into her persona, “Pearl,” dressed in elaborate ensembles of embellished, luxurious fabrics fashioned into the sultry, liberating silhouettes of the ‘60s. Janis's family created Made for Pearl and source style inspiration from photographs, personal letters, and family stories that capture the passionate, untamed yet brave spirit of her. Every silhouette, fabric and detail aims to rebuild an authentic image of Janis through a modern, updated homage to her iconic style. Made for Pearl's inspired-by pieces are produced with top-quality materials, lovingly made in the USA. They're designed not for the prevailing winds of a given season, but for the unchanging sensibility and aesthetic of fashion forward customers that are as constant as Janis Joplin's unforgettable voice. Made for Pearl designs capture the attention of fans everywhere, as well as inspire a new generation each season to discover the unmatched spirit and soul of Janis.

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